Born in Louisville, Ma now resides in Lexington where he performs music under his own name as well as plays guitar and sings in the groups CROSS and Salad Influence. Alongside Joseph Mangum (Elsinores), Turner runs the vanity label BRAVE CAPTAIN which specializes in artworks and music releases. BC has a workshop called SANTA located off Loudon on the north end of Lexington.

Turner founded the loose art music ensemble Warmer Milks in the early 2000s and toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe until the groups demise around 2008. Milks released a multitude of recordings on vinyl, cassette and compact disc but are most widely recognized for the full length player "Radish On Light" (TMU 2006). Plans to digitize the WM catalog for online streaming is in the works this year under the Brave Captain umbrella. However, Turner has no plans to reunite the group. The Radish On Light lineup perfomed said full length at the Boomslang festival in 2010 but no sparks to continue flew. 

2013 plans include a book of poetry and short stories, several releases via the Ma moniker as well as from both his groups. 

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